Benji Friedman

James Blake lyrics scrambled


The original James Blake self titled album cover

All the text / lyrics from James Blake's 2011 self titled album scrambled together. You can definitely see where the Wilhelm Scream contributed in all the "fallins", but I haven't read through it all yet. I recommend perusing it, seeing if any language or combination of words stands out or inspires anything new. This is also a way to get a general "James Blake self titled album" vibe.

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For no two to have three

Treated well me borrowed and blame limit I like bus

With call be them

My your high

For about in fall love

I fall sounds

For shine crime not see I know anymore

All me

But easy in that love

I don't seen sister slow) lovin' them (but your don't mind

I sister love

Like I turnin',

Might call about know

(They you fallin', borrowed to take lucky gun

Kestrels about carelessly my I a speak to their

Faith don't can I know the you both me

What to well I fear me

But three

Only I lovin', I me

But them)

But speak lies

That call ocean

There's blame in

I a love

I have them)

But (There's to in

I sounds

For to your dreams

I well love

I them high

Beacon know

And blame lovin', a sister take for in you limit know)

Well am

What am

What said

Why brother the to about I limit brother turn don't in

I too blame my a as a know have me

When limit limit all out

One dreamin bold

Crease we again

Cute she I know blame rain

Worth two your watch blame carelessly lovin' know don't don't full good won't her care doubts

Trying them their

Faith me love, map call don't let mind, am

And to don't take blame me

What I bones that known

How further but for crossings clouds

Testing my make to you me

Beacon have being to pride

Telling I your fallin', my bones

Please in fear can speak fallin', I white love

(Like I in don't is

I'm but known

How in a a them, but as a not don't is

I'm to have to pride

Telling my but I about my don't you

Protest no there, don't in but but to gone

Help them)

But I don't to known

Why further where them

But month don't but about is

I'm see too anymore

All to my crime be (but my you your well I we cold

Roofing lesson to take see too I fly them

My to fallin', fear alone

I blame forlorn mind

I to know I with your fees could your I don't read

She'd to truth I hard to we know walls

Care me were dreams

I read

She'd blame not the my you love

Give you it don't I me

But them

My watch make blame borrowed we down

Testing too don't don't high

Beacon don't I mind

I speak clouds

Testing child favours limit limit fall high

There's them, three

Treated to too sometimes me

But don't that a on don't much?

Now me

Beacon you them

But them)

But forlorn where fall I as know go

They told the in waterfall love comes I (but blame turnin', them, motion

Like don't brother and your not rain

Worth dreamin' truth both know comes can is

I'm mind

I in about of gun

Wanton fly don't prayers

Will to you your good no your lanes

A care love (but savers undone

In to in it

Was don't I well a have limit too down

Testing your know could your I down

Testing I but shine the wouldn't I than on about with undone

Now pass

And know and your with limit fly you fly don't gun

Kestrels my know

And being me

Beacon know you no don't I blame on a I as know too my carelessly to your a go

They blame don't limit out

One I of about you

I cope

How on them, speak brother a a see

Without is never like you fall limit am

What fallin', watch love

Your I brother were be don't I like about about shone

Wanton lesson she fallin'


I love, too see

Without a know I don't deaf too shine don't for not in care

So (but I read

She'd no) blame don't fallin', dare?

There's fees to no them Kestrels motion

(Like but walls

Care don't know fallin', fallin', to to too for own

Watching her anymore

All in don't I cold

Trees blame I that them, is

I'm I your doubts

Trying about me

When watch fallin', go

How where see you

Protest brother the wish to anymore

All breed,

Looking my waterfall more don't don't fall not lies

That don't my (but too as mind

I breed

Looking but their

Faith a too me

But own

Watching call her mind

I time

We my through gun

Wanton care)

There's further sounds

For I them, don't borrowed your fallin'


I waterfall you love

There's about them, (but watch them me them, to you care

So as fly them

My care breed

Looking don't where two I you're I my I can back a know in your truth watch forest know don't the and speak but my don't and fall blame love

Your pride

Telling I prayers

Will too know

What of don't lanes

A them

My I bones

Please them

But all me don't blame own

Watching know mind, see anymore

All savers fallin', that watch don't fallin', to dreamin' crossings my your go

They I fallin'

Might blame you

Protest pass

And anymore

All again

Cute lost to in

My wish your know is

I'm a forlorn told blame know a but see

Without forest fallin'

Might grow

Never and blame not I it blame night don't I make to from

Halfway cold

Trees don't dreamin' your me

But I I about doubts

Trying blame but blame I a you prayers

Will ocean

There's lovin', as blame easy to blame you know bold

Crease I I limit to in I lost breed,

Looking anymore

All see in lovin'

Might them don't don't I sister more love

There's your comes limit for is you

Protest you

Playing, undone

In don't lost blame fallin', high

For there

Treated am

Ooh am

I can one

Let don't come

Or them

My like I crossings don't (but don't the we too she doubts

Trying don't fallin'

Might I too crossings tact know don't blame been your bus

With shine call you than and fall there

There's Like tact own

Watching map the limit know watch you I don't call three

Only don't don't them

My don't mind, motion

Like lovin' I in

I know love

Your fallin', dare?)

There's a my it

How I you to about to and fly like

I fallin', map love, like blame waterfall don't your mind

Please more

To fallin', your I gone

Let them speak that me

Beacon in make sister has care

I a and mind

I brother them)

But love

There's known

I you fallin', cold

Trees your don't out

One that from

I about don't I them, dreams

I care clouds

Testing don't time don't the it again

A your both with my sister or blame motion

Like with to care

I turnin', we has don't a go

They take love, full love, anymore

All my falling go

Was care

There's ocean

There's out

One have well love

Like further gone

Cracks slow brother blame time a much?

Was don't that both to don't I the blame my time

Playful I lovin, lesson fallin', high

Kestrels high

Beacon don't told lovin'

Might from

I know I both don't know

And don't wouldn't a call where know is

I'm clouds

Testing a white them, about don't about to blame I or know a my fall limit don't time

Playful know my see much?

Now as take fallin'

Might deaf and and wish a them)


Why is

I'm fallin', don't my on them)

But the changing grow

How well don't anymore

All don't I to me

When don't cold

Trees me

What I your I that know is

I'm map don't your dreamin my watch gone

Cracks am

What the me

When mind, map limit deaf lost I lovin' love

Ever fallin', to it love, blame to to I could waterfall don't wish on them, you're where about me

What too call me

But your am

What fly I well I them)

But sometimes a fallin', know the known

How hard and deaf I me

But to to your fallin', the to them

My blame there

Is a shone

Wanton read

She'd lies

That slow speak on grow

How fallin', their

Faith dreams

I lies

That the favours the my them could Treated don't that in forest in

I than I the I'll watch that your am

Ooh know to know for again

A to a is

I'm tact know

And speak blame my you

I sister walls

Care don't I'll know don't child Like I walls

Care to not my where never I my hard lovin' to love

Like don't turnin', bones

Please love

I I fallin'

Might I your that much?

Was don't a know as or sister care

There's going

Oh wish blame mind, you're my and be ocean

There's the love

There's I I am

Why said

Why pride

Telling mind, my fly were dare? forlorn don't no we brother blame slow take of down

Testing you're lovin', me

What but and don't than hard with your blame don't don't take full them, in could prayers

Will south she bold

Crease go

How sister (is lesson care it anymore

All slow forest a no tact and don't cold

Roofing bold

Crease care

So high

Beacon blame see

Without about dreams