Benji Friedman

Markdown Image/Link formatter


I'm still mostly just having fun adding blog posts to the website. If anyone's interested in more about the setup or wants to do it themself, feel free to contact me. One tutorial I went through recently was Creating a Markdown Blog Powered by Next.js in Under an Hour by Chris Bongers, but that is a Next.js site, and there are pros and cons to building a site with Next.js. For Gatsby.js, which this site is, here is the tutorial page.

But, that's also besides the point. I wanted to announce that I made a small tool to help format links or image embeds for markdown files. It is live on Github Pages at this link, and the Github project itself is here, if you wanted to open any pull requests for it.

screenshot of the tool in use, using the tool to make this image!

It is maybe faster to just type it all out every time, or for one-off images or links, but it was a fun little microsite to put together, and as part of getting more used to writing with markdown, and I've also found it does help with the workflow for generating a lot of image embeds. So, if you are using markdown files in whatever way, feel free to use this tool!

It is also linked on this website on the Websites page