Vincent Van Gogh's Patch of Grass


This is a new Vincent Van Gogh painting that I had never seen before and wanted to share:

Vincent Van Gogh Patch of Grass painting

It's from 1887. He likely painted it in a town that is in the northwest part of Paris.

Here's the Google Arts & Culture page about it

Also in plant related art, check out Leaf Work by John Gerrard:

Leaf Work by John Gerrard

Here is the project on his website:

I hadn't heard about John Gerrard or his art. I will look into him more. What he's doing with the leaf suit reminds me of Nick Cave's costumes

Nick Cave artist contemporary art costumes

and his Leaf Work / mirror cube kind of reminds me of Robert Smithson:

Robert Smithson's Yucatan Mirror displacement

If you want to read more about the Robert Smithson mirror, photography, this Guggenheim link looks pretty good. I think I'll also do a Robert Smithson post soon. He's done, among other things, some great sculptures with mirrors and sand.



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