Benji Friedman

Random Photos 2016

Here's some random photos I had in a folder mostly from 2016.

I plan on making this website / blog better at some point!

Tree growing in the Berkeley Hills Berkeley Hills

Pile of gravel in a Berkeley driveway Pile of gravel in a Berkeley driveway

The Pacific Ocean from Laguna Beach Mysterious fennel pathway in Berkeley, California

Foggy evening in Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Leaf wall

Car headlight, somewhere in the Bay Area Somewhere in the Bay Area

Palm tree in the Oakland / Piedmont cemetary Oakland / Piedmont Cemetary - website

From their website:

Every visit to Mountain View Cemetery is like a trip back in time. It is like shaking hands with railroad builder Charles Crocker, admiring the brushwork of Yosemite landscape painter Thomas Hill, and hearing architect Julia Morgan rhapsodize about her designs for Hearst Castle.

Designed by noted landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted (whose other credits include New York's Central Park), Mountain View Cemetery's acreage offers spectacular vistas of the San Francisco Bay's surrounding areas. The cemetery is an impressive repository of local and state history.

Sunset in the Berkeley Marina Sunset in Berkeley